Introducing Our Exclusive
Quantum™ Coating!

Stones, bugs, gravel, an occasional bird, the environment and time all contribute to windshield wear. For the serious rider, an optically clear and strong windshield is important. National Cycle recognized the need for a better windshield material and in 1974 became the first company in the world to introduce and use GE's FMR hardcoated Lexan® polycarbonate material for motorcycle windshields. Polycarbonate gave the windshield unprecedented strength against cracks and impact, while the FMR supplied the superb scratch resistance. Until recently, FMR coated Lexan stood as the benchmark for quality and durability in motorcycle windshields.

National Cycle and ZTechnik introduce Quantum™ coated Lexan polycarbonate, a new technology milestone for the motorcycle world. Quantum represents a quantum leap over FMR coating with 10X better abrasion resistance, 2.5X better UV life, and better chemical resistance against crazing.

Abrasion Resistance
• Quantum is 30X better than acrylic
• 10X better than FMR coating

Outdoor Life
• Quantum has 2X the lifespan of FMR coating

One of the most important factors in your purchase decision is that Quantum coated Lexan polycarbonate is 30X more resistant to abrasion than acrylic, High Impact Acrylic (Lucite®) and "aircraft plastic" windshield materials.

What does this mean to you? Think about riding into the sun or at night and not having to look through the glare of fine scratches that eventually show up on your screens. Quantum coating gives your windshield much better optical definition and scratch resistance, and your windshield will stay that way a lot longer. The longer you ride and the longer you own your Quantum coated windshield, the more you will appreciate this new coating.

Windshield showing moderate crazing

Windshield showing severe crazing and peeling

Here we see a motorcycle windshield with typical surface wear and abrasions, causing glare and reduced visibility. This is not what you want in front of you when facing oncoming traffic!

Download our Quantum™ Coating PDF document to learn more.

Quantum™ is an exlusive product of ZTechnik by National Cycle Inc.

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