"I finally got a chance to check out the new Z2413 VStream® Windscreen on my 2009 G650GS. It replaced an 18" Cee Bailey® windscreen. I'm 5'5" tall and the improvement was really noticeable. The air turbulence on my chest disappeared. Also, now there is no airflow pushing on my helmet (front or sides). The ride was more relaxing and much quieter, especially at freeway speeds. With the Z2413 Windscreen, the BMW hand guards, and my homemade hand guard extenders (this might be a new product for ZTechnik), the only air that I felt was on my arms between the elbows and shoulders. Riding at 65+ MPH is definitely more enjoyable now.

"Thanks for your help."

Lee Max
Tucson, AZ

• • • • •

"I purchased your Z7101 ZTechnik Engine Guards for my R1200R because of the way they look as well as their capability for mounting driving lights to the built-in mounts. They were incredibly easy to install. All the mounting holes lined up perfectly, and the fit and finish was excellent."

Jeff Sawyers
Alberta, Canada

• • • • •

"It's clear that your Z2402 VStream® R1200RT Windshield is well thought out and fabricated. No issues with the installation and it meets all my expectations. Been on long and short rides. I'm pleased with the operation, and the extra height and width provide a better comfort envelope during the ride than the stock screen. While I normally wear ear plugs under my helmet, it is also nice to be able to remove much of the wind noise by raising the screen higher. I've even had a chance to brag on it to several other RT riders who are looking at options for their own machines."

Mike Foster
Bedford, IN

• • • • •

"The ZTechnik Z2419 Tall VStream® on my 2007 R1200GS Adventure is quiet, real quiet. Previously I had a Touratech windshield extender on the stock screen which helped, until I dropped it and it broke into pieces. The VStream is a lot quieter. The airflow is clean and there's no wind noise from the helmet.

"Optically the screen is clear with virtually no distortion (unlike the hallucinogenic views you get from the stock screen), so looking through the screen is not really an issue. I have very strong reasons to believe that the increased size will also aid in the overall weather protection the screen provides.

"I experienced no buffeting and the ride was noticeably more quiet. The screen's performance is very close to the Aeroflow's performance that I had on my R1150GS, but there are no metal prongs sticking up waiting to zip you open as you go flying over the handlebars in a worst case scenario.

"The screen will make for a more enjoyable commute during winter. There was no interference with the handlebars, mirrors or GPS mounted on the handlebars and I had to make no adjustments to any of the above items to get the screen to fit. Didn't have to bend or force anything to get this on.

"I've done close on 1000 miles since the installation. My ride takes me on the interstate for a 75-mile one-way commute and I run at speeds up to 90 but average around 70 to 75mph. The screen is so quiet that you can hear the motor running."


• • • • •

"Just wanted you to know my thoughts on the Z2417 VStream® Windshield that I just installed on my 2006 BMW R1200GS Adventure.

"The OEM screen on the Adventure is probably the best that I have seen in a long time. However, you still get some buffeting around the head and shoulders, particularly behind vans, SUVs, etc.

"One other issue with the OEM screen, besides buffeting, was when I am going uphill and approaching the crest of the hill, with a downhill on the other side, you must look through a pretty severe distortion in the screen... I hated that. So I thought I would give the VStream a shot.

"What I found out is the VStream is so optically clear that I can no shoot my onboard video camera through the screen with no problem."

Scott D.

• • • • •

"I figured that, in light of my recent accident, I'd send you guys an e-mail with a few pictures showing just how durable your Z2330 R1150R Windshield really is. I'm sure you already know just what your windshields will handle, but here's a real-world example.

"I was heading to a BMW rally in northern Arizona and managed to get all the way there before I slid the front end under hard braking and went down on the right side of the bike. I slid a few yards on the gravel-strewn pavement but suffered no injuries.

"The bike, on the other hand, hit the ground, slid on the crashbars for a bit before rolling almost completely over and put a pretty hefty amount of weight on the windshield. The screen has some scrapes all over, and all the way onto the upper edge as well, but it never cracked, warped, or anything else. It pulled the well-nuts out of the lower mounts and ripped the bolt holding the upper right mount to the triple clamp out. But the screen held up marvelously, the mounts are unbent, and I rode it the 250 miles home with no issues. You guys make a great product."

Tracey Peterson

• • • • •

"Yesterday I bought your Z2402 VStream® Windshield for my R1200RT. Today I had a test drive. This is what I needed. The ride was so much more relaxing and fun. Thanks!"

Erwin Rogge

• • • • •

"This is my second VStream® Windshield for my bike! The first one was damaged when I had an accident (highsided my bike) in June during a test ride on the BOSCH Test Circuit (I was testing new tyres). The windshield was only scratched -- but not broken!

"I was really excited about how well the VStream worked on my BMW R1150RT. My wife (as passenger) was also impressed at how well it worked. That's the reason why we ordered a second one!"

Ivan Dzoic

• • • • •

"I just wanted to let you know that I have just over 1200 miles on my R1200GS with the new VStream® Windshield, and absolutely love how well it works. This is the windshield that BMW should be selling with this motorcycle!

"The new windshield fits perfectly and was very easy to install. The optics are perfect and I really like the Quantum™ hardcoating that eliminates the scratches."

Ron Young
Rochester Hills, MI

• • • • •

"Just wanted to let you guys/gals know that I am very pleased with the Z2416 VStream® Windshield I recently ordered for my 2008 R1200GS Adventure. The sales person was extremely helpful, the order process was seamless, and delivery was prompt. Installation was straightforward, and the fit and finish was as advertised. Nice improvement over the stock windshield. Better looks and considerably less wind noise. That's what I was looking for!

"Thank you."

Mark Cagle

• • • • •

"The Z2240 ZTechnik® Windshield on my '03 R1150GS Adventure saved my life recently, or at least prevented a serious highway accident.

"While I was riding on the interstate, a landscaping truck in front of me lost a 12"x12" paving tile, which struck my ZTechnik screen. I saw it coming and could do nothing but brace for the impact. The screen deflected significantly under the weight and velocity of the paving tile, but did not break or crack. I was able to maintain control and safely exit the highway to check for damage. There was none!!!! Except for significant scratches, as you might expect, the screen and the mounts were in good functional order.

"I will need to replace the screen due to the scratches, and I will certainly get another ZTechnik screen!

"Many thanks for the best screen I have ever used!

Jim Bay
Arvada, CO

• • • • •

"The Z2400 VStream® Windshield for my R1100RT arrived in good shape and was very easy to put on. Virtually no visual distortion except around the "V" cuts on the side and they are in an area where it's not important. Had to wait a few days before I could go for a ride, but finally got a chance for a couple of short ones. Below 40MPH there wasn't a noticeable improvement over the stock windshield. But 45MPH and above was a whole different story!

"With the stock windshield fully raised, I had annoying buffeting around the helmet. With the VStream not quite fully raised, I had none. (For reference I'm 5'10" and rode with the seat in both middle and high positions.) The only "negative" was that there seemed to be more air hitting my arms, although not to the point of being uncomfortable. The air around my body was moving enough to keep one comfortable in the heat but not so much as to be chilling in the cold and damp.

"Having been out of biking for quite some time I had forgotten how quickly money can leave the bank account in the quest for a comfortable, tailored ride. So far, the ZTechnik windshield has been my best investment."

Arnold Gavin

• • • • •

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being able to just remove my stock shield and attach your Z2214 Short Replacement Screen for my BMW K1200 GT. Your product is one of the few aftermarket parts that fit without a needing to be returned or modified in some way, thank God! I love you!"

Harold May

• • • • •

"Thought I'd drop you a line to sing the praises of the Z2450 VStream® Windshield.

"We bought one from you last Wednesday to fit my BMW K1200LT. The weather on our journey to Northern Ireland and back was, to say the least, Arctic. But this screen worked perfectly.

"It kept the rain off, no head buffeting, and it remained clear all the way... in other words, exactly what it says in the ad. Not only that, but it also looks the part."

Mitch Hirst
United Kingdom

• • • • •

"My passenger has enjoyed many miles on the back of my K1200LT using your Z9401A Passenger Armrests! They are comfortable and fold out of the way easily for her to get on and off the bike. They look great too! We did have a problem with a flawed part which was replaced without any difficulty. That is a sign of a responsible, competitive, and forthright corporation. I have found myself looking at your catalog for other things because I know that if I have problems, it will not be a fight to have it made right."

Robert Stubbs
Fort Gibson, OK

• • • • •

"I purchased a Z2450 VStream® Windshield for my 2001 BMW K1200LT while I was at the 2007 BMWMOA National Rally in West Bend, WI.

"I have enjoyed having this windshield on my bike as there is much less wind turbulence and much better visibillity than with the stock BMW windshield. I am looking forward to many comfortable miles with this VStream windshield on my bike."

Charles Jolley

• • • • •

Robert Belfield from the U.K. had problems with wind noise and buffeting from his stock F800ST windscreen. But he found a solution to this problem and sent us these before/after comparison photos of the new Z2431 VStream® Windshield he put on his bike:

• • • • •

"Finally got around to fitting the Z4060 Canister and Z4062 Exhaust Headers to my F800ST and riding the bike - it has been damn wet here in Sydney!

"Performance seems to be smoother all around and I think I can detect the torque improvement. Noise is glorious (although I would not want to be any louder in the city).

"Thanks again guys - as you can tell I am very happy with the system overall and will certainly recommend it."


• • • • •

"Just received your Z2200 Dolphine™ Windshield for my 2003 R1150RS. Your windshield is the best upgrade I have ever purchased. The ride is much better than my previous or stock windscreen. The ride is more quiet, comfortable and the pocket is awesome. My helmet does not shake and the wobble is gone. The ride now, at 80MPH, is much more smooth and comfortable than my last screen at 50MPH!

"Thank you very much!"

Dave Wenz,
Mooresville, IN

• • • • •

"That new Z4030 Titanium Slip-On Canister is really terrific! The looks and lines are off-the-scale beautiful and the new exhaust voice has turned more than a few heads. I've run the thing with the dB Killer and without it; incredible results! I haven't decided which configuration I'm going to land on, but the boys down at Jive Junction were caught at a dead standstill, beers half way to their thirsted mouths as I pulled into the lot with the baffle removed. Classic! I'm not one to seek attention, mind you, but guys were falling in behind me (willingly or not) tuning in to the bark of my new ZTechnik titanium exhaust setup."

Raymond Everson
2007 K1200GT
MOA# 128748

• • • • •

"Just fitted the Z4020A Titanium Exhaust System to my K1200RS and the sound is tremendous! BMW dealers have a lesson here: fit this system to the sport bikes, and watch them fly out the door!"

Roly Snape

• • • • •

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