Virtual VStream®:
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ZTechnik road testers have been strapping on video cameras to give you a demonstration of the benefits of riding behind our VStream® Windscreens.

Watch and discover the VStream Difference!

F650GS Twin

Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic Video Demo!

Which windscreen would you rather put on your highly engineered BMW motorcycle? Is there a difference in impact and crack resistance? In scratch resistance?

We took some popular acrylic windscreens and subjected them to a battery of tests. We performed the same tests on our hardcoated polycarbonate windscreens.

The results may surprise you! Watch the video and see for yourself... then YOU decide!

NEW ZTechnik VStream® Windscreens for C650GT Scooters!

This is the age of efficient urban transport and BMW's C650GT is miles ahead of the rest of the scooter world. Our three new VStream® Windscreens, with their distinctive 'V' profile and hardcoated 4.5mm polycarbonate, will stand up to years and years of serious use and abuse – without complaint.

Plus, the generous sizes will transform your C650GT into a viable touring bike! See them all here.

NEW Fourth Generation ZTechnik Accessory Mounts!

The popular line of Accessory Mounts has been redesigned and upgraded for even greater versatility and adaptability. You can also use the new Fourth Generation Accessory Shafts to upgrade your existing Third Gen Accessory Mounts!

These new Mounts use a 17mm ball end, with Top Plates and Adapters having a 17mm ballsocket.

Choose your model bike to see the Accessory Mounts that fit your motorcycle. Then explore the wide range of Top Plates and Adapters that will let you mount almost any electronic device on your BMW.

NEW ZTechnik VStream® Windscreens for F700GS

It's not possible to put a tall screen on the new F700GS unless you bend the rules... and have talented engineers and designers backing you up.

ZTechnik solved the problem with a three-piece windscreen design. This brilliant solution uses the windscreen's new Side Deflectors as structural mounts. These Deflectors, along with small, precision laser-cut stainless steel brackets, provide a strong, rigid mount to the Z2474 and Z2475 VStream windscreens. With the screen installed, the small brackets are concealed, giving a clean appearance to this three-piece design.

See all three windshield choices here. F700GS riders love them!

NEW ZTechnik VStream® Windscreens for G650GS and Sertão

We couldn't ignore riders of the new G650GS and G650GS Sertão, so we developed a line of hardcoated 4.5mm polycarbonate screens that fit both. Choose the size that's perfect for you, with the confidence of ZTechnik's 3-Year Warranty against breakage.

See them here for the GS and here for the GS Sertão.

NEW ZTechnik VStream® Windscreens for R1200GS and GS Adventure!

And here's more... new VStream® Windscreens for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure, in tall clear and short clear or dark tint tint hardcoated polycarbonate.

See them here for the GS and here for the Adventure model.

NEW ZTechnik VStream® Windscreens... and More to Come!

ZTechnik released new VStream® Windscreens for the 2013-14 F800GS, which also fit the 2008-12 F800GS and F650GS Twin. You can buy them here.

We also developed a line of VStream Windscreens for the popular 2013-14 F800GT in three sizes and tints. You can buy them here.

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See you on the road.

New Lifeproof® Case for iPhone® 4/4S and Moto-Clip Mounting Accessory!

Take your iPhone® anywhere you and your BMW may travel with complete protection for rain, dirt, dust and shock. The Lifeproof® Case is so cool we bought some for ourselves!

Mount your new Lifeproof Case to any ZTechnik Accessory Mount with the new Moto-Clip. It's simple, lightweight, and rock-solid.

Learn more about them on our New Products page.

New LeverAction™ Kit for R1200GS and GS Adventure!

This cool kit replaces the knob-and-nut rake adjustment hardware on your GS/GS Adventure, and eliminates the possibility of the inside nut coming loose and getting lost in the hard-to-reach areas inside your bike.

Plus, rake adjustment is quicker and easier!

Learn more about them on our New Products page.

ZTechnik Introduces New VStream® Windscreens for 2011-13 K1600GT/GTL, 2011-13 R1200R and 2008-13 F800GS!

Riders of the ultimate touring motorcycle can now choose from two sizes of VStream Windscreens, while owners of the newly redesigned R1200R can choose from three sizes and tints. Those with a taste for adventure should check the three new VStream Windscreens for the F800GS/F650GS Twin. All offer the reknowned performance of the patented VStream design.

Learn more about them on our New Products page.

New VStream Windscreens for Old BMW Motorcycles

Since old BMWs never die, it made sense to extend our popular VStream® Windscreen line to some of the older model bikes.

For the original rugged individualists, we offer two sizes of VStream Windscreens for the 1994-98 R1100GS and two sizes for the 2002-05 R1150GS Adventure. Both feature innovative, highly engineered mounting brackets for strength and top performance.

The fast guys will want one of the VStream Windscreens we now have for the 1998-05 R1100S. They're available in two sizes and tints.

The long distance riders will appreciate the two new VStream Windscreens for the 1992-97 K1100LT. They add modern performance to a classic bike – and they look great, too.

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ZTechnik Windscreen Review from BMWON!

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