The Revolutionary
VStream® Windshields


ZTechnik revolutionized windscreen performance with the VStream® windshields. They are well known not only for superior wind-deflecting comfort but also for a riding environment that is calm and quiet. In order to create a more comfortable ride, other manufacturers offer extra-tall windshields or spoiler tops to try to lift the air stream. But ZTechnik designed, for the first time ever, a windshield with contours calculated and adjusted to manage the riding environment. No other windshield even comes close to VStream's level of quiet and comfort.

The airflow pattern of the wake from most windshields is called a van Karman vortex. At speeds of 50-90 mph, the air swirls off the windshield in an approximate 90-degree rotational vortex. It then hits the bottom of the rider’s neck on the way up, and curves off the shoulders at approximately 45 degrees. The VStream is named for its unique patented "V" shape. This design is so outstandingly quiet because it pushes the vortex out and away from the side of the rider’s head. The rider then resides in an environment virtually free of irritating wind noise. The passenger’s environment is greatly improved as well.

The VStream's advanced “V” profile, unique three-dimensional contours, and smooth radiused edges all contribute to calmness and comfort in the riding environment. Unsettling wind turbulence is effectively pushed aside, and this fatigue-reducing experience is greatly appreciated by the rider and passenger. The VStream is definitely the most comfortable windshield you can ride behind.

In addition, VStream windshields have an outstanding level of durability and optical clarity that is available only through the use of 4.5-6.0mm thick Lexan® polycarbonate with FMR hardcoating or our exclusive Quantum™ coating for the ultimate in scratch resistance.

Download our VStream® Windshields PDF document and our Polycarbonate Strength & Quantum™ Coating PDF document to learn more!

VStream windshields are designed specifically for each model motorcycle to ensure optimum performance and perfect fit using the stock mounting hardware.